We Make It Easier To Scale Without Stress

We build Sales Engines…other people call them Websites.

Web 2.0 websites have arrived, and they don’t look or behave anything like all the old(ish) ones.

Beautiful? Check.
Authoritative? Yup.
Always Fresh? Si.

Mutliple Traps? You bet.
Affordable? YES (we ran out of synonyms)

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Why is your website so ugly? So huge and useless? It’s not your fault! Did you sign up with a big website company that is overcharging and way underdelivering? End the madness and get on board with our affordable, fresh website service!

Be found EVERYWHERE your patients are looking

Sync and Structure your Citations across the directories and review sites that matter to health professionals. Boost your local search rank and Google 3-pack appearances

We are more thorough and inclusive than Yext or MOZ Local. We speak Google.

The MOST IMPORTANT Citations for Health-Care Professionals

DFY Healthcare Reputation Concierge

Since 2011, EmpathiQ has made it easier for health clinics of all sizes to get more positive reviews. We push positive reviews to the public sites you choose, and keep negative reviews in-house for fast resolution.

DFY 100% HIPPA-Compliant on-line review engagement (plus staff training). DFY negative review disputes.

Turn Your Free Wi-Fi Into A Marketing Monster.

Yes, you need free wi-fi in-house. What if that fixed COST turned into a huge ASSET overnight? What if you could increase security, increase your brand awareness, increase positive reviews and decrease your headaches?

It’s within reach today. Just one plug and play box. Waaves Social-Powered Wi-Fi Hotspots offer a proprietary and dead-simple way to make money from your free wi-fi, all while pleasing your guests, increasing security AND decreasing your liability.

Fully Branded to You: Social-powered logins, SMS logins, Email Logins, No-capture logins, it’s 100% up to you. Take users anywhere after logging in, Facebook, Contest, Review Sites. Automatically send them follow-up Email/SMS Offers hours or days after they signed in.

Cloud-based dashboard allows real-time stats on who is connected, via which social channel, usage stats, and controls to limit or disconnect abusers.

Centralize and Simplify your Office Information.

Knowlocker increases the value of your business through systemization, sharing & collaboration.  It brings together all the knowledge and information within a company, fostering stress-free growth.

THE AFFORDABLE Solution for giving employees their time back and saving money when onboarding new staff. Store & Easily find the information most critical to your business success – easy and intuitive – works for large and small companies alike.

Learn How These Services Work Together For Your Clinic’s Benefit