Brand New Lead Generation Technology. Be Very Afraid.

You’ve heard about “proximity marketing”, but it’s too complicated and limited by Open Apps and Device state.

We remove those limitations. You lock your target locations ( built-in exclusivity ), and we do the rest for you.

Everyone within your target location is tagged to receive your offer on their mobile, and home devices. Their mobile device need not be open, only on. You choose exactly when to start and stop showing your offer to the captured user. We build your high-converting landing page & lead forms, if needed, or drive consumers to the site of your choice.

Press Start on your new UPS machine. You’re in business.

We do it ALL for you, soup to nuts. You tell us your offer, the exact type of people you want calling and any pre-qualifications. We build your Ads and put them in front of your ideal demographic. Your only decision is how you’re going to handle the incoming inquiries.

This is consistent, predictable growth, delivered to your inbox. We make it quick & easy to get started Risk-Free.

Turn Your Free Wi-Fi Into A Marketing Monster.

Yes, you need free wi-fi in-house. What if that fixed COST turned into a huge ASSET overnight? What if you could increase security, increase your brand awareness, increase positive reviews and decrease your headaches?

It’s within reach today. Just one plug and play box. Waaves Social-Powered Wi-Fi Hotspots offer a proprietary and dead-simple way to make money from your free wi-fi, all while pleasing your guests AND increasing security.

Fully Branded to You: Social-powered logins, SMS logins, Email Logins, No-capture logins, it’s 100% up to you. Take users anywhere after logging in, Facebook, Contest, Review Sites. Automatically send them follow-up Email/SMS Offers hours or days after they signed in.

Cloud-based dashboard allows real-time stats on who is connected, via which social channel, usage stats, and controls to limit or disconnect abusers.

REDUCE your workload and INCREASE your customer flow.

Our USA-based team loves to engage with your customers on Facebook, either with or without your oversight/approvals.

We optimize your FB Page, activate your Place Tips to attract passers-by. We set up custom Check-In Offers for you, including in-store signage and online artwork.

We run contests, giveaways, and other fan-building campaigns from your Facebook Page, ultimately building a cadre of wildly loyal customers. And more positive social reviews will also drive more new visits.

Boost Postive Reviews and Resolve Negative Ones Faster

We put your local business in the spotlight, with more positive reviews.

Positive online reviews help your business stand out from your competition online, and are proven to get you even more business. Our state of the art software systems create a frictionless experience for your clients

Stream real-time reviews on your website for massive Google-love, and more Map 3-pack appearances.

Live notifications allow you to engage with the reviewer immediately for faster resolution of negative experiences.

Be found EVERYWHERE your customers are looking

Sync and Structure your Citations across the directories and review sites that matter to your industry. Boost your local search rank and Google 3-pack appearances

We are more thorough and inclusive than Yext or MOZ Local. We speak Google.




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