Press Start on your new Customer machine. You’re in business.

We do it ALL for you, soup to nuts. You tell us your offer, the exact type of people you want calling and any pre-qualifications. We build your Ads and put them in front of your ideal demographic. Your only decision is how you’re going to handle the incoming inquiries.

This is consistent, predictable growth, delivered to your inbox. We make it quick & easy to get started Risk-Free.

Brand New Lead Generation Technology For Service Pros.

You’ve heard about “proximity marketing”, but it’s too complicated and limited by Open Apps and Device state.

We remove those limitations. You lock your target locations ( built-in exclusivity ), and we do the rest for you.

Everyone within your target location is tagged to receive your offer on their mobile, and home devices. Their mobile device need not be open, only on. You choose exactly when to start and stop showing your offer to the captured user. We build your high-converting landing page & lead forms, if needed, or drive consumers to the site of your choice.

We build Sales Engines…other people call them Websites.

Why is your website not doing anything for your bottom line? It’s not your fault! Web designers and big web platform templates just don’t help with capturing & nurturing new patients. End the madness and get on board with our affordable, fresh website DFY services. We build, host and maintain it all for you – while YOU take all the credit!

Web 2.0 websites have arrived. Get one with us and you get:

Beautiful? CHECK.
Authoritative? YUP.
Google Search-friendly? UH HUH!
Affordable? YES! (we’re running out of synonyms).
Always Fresh? YES! DFY Blog Content .
Irrestable Lead-Funnel and Email Nurturing Automations? You’re getting the picture!

Check out our Example Site here: https://magellanchiro.com/

Boost Postive Reviews and Resolve Negatives Faster

We put your local business in the spotlight, with more positive reviews on Google, Facebook and other like companies. Our simple, yet sophisticated technology makes you look good, it’s that simple. We are here as an extension of your team, and truly care about your success. Plus our customer service is unmatched.

Stream real-time reviews on your website for massive Google-love, and more Map 3-pack appearances.

Live notifications allow you to engage with the reviewer immediately for faster resolution of negative experiences.

Check-Ins. They’re Not Just For Facebook Anymore.

NearbyNow Check-In & Review Platform. Like Facebook, Google has a sweet spot for them. Especially when they correlate to specific neighborhoods that you serve. Your Crews are literally, and without really trying, generating rich search-friendly content on your website. How sweet is that?

Add SEO. We stream these fresh Check-in reviews with rich data like photos, videos, and geo-tagged info on to location-focused web pages that we create for you. Your site soon becomes irresistible to Google local and Map search results.

Better Quotes. More and Bigger Jobs.

We turn your WordPress website into a Quote and Lead generation machine. 

Your business relies on Quotes. Make them more beautiful, more intuitive and more accessible to your potential customers – using your own website to maintain your brand authority.

Save Time and Money. Let your website give accurate and complex quotes to potential customers without ever speaking with them. This is pre-qualification on steroids. Only work with customers who ask after seeing their digital quote – no more lead-chasing.

Be found EVERYWHERE your customers are looking

Sync and Structure your Citations across the directories and review sites that matter to your industry. Boost your local search rank and Google 3-pack appearances

We are more thorough and inclusive than Yext or MOZ Local. We speak Google.




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